Friday, June 09, 2006

Revvin' Up To Cars

I saw Pixar's latest - Cars - on its opening weekend and it was a real treat. This movie is set in a world where there are no people, just cars with big eyes where the windshield should be and a mouth on its front bumper. There are no animals either - cows are represented by "dumb" tractors (what they're farming is not elucidated - perhaps switchgrass for biofuel) and small flying bugs are - you guessed it - VW Beetles. The main race car character, Lightning McQueen, starts out the movie looking out only for himself, but that puts him into a situation where he gets lost in rural Radiator Springs, a town on Route 66 that had been bypassed by Interstate Highway 40. Those remaining in the town stick together and our hero realizes that making friends and working as a team has more value than he realized. Good message, good humor, amazing visual presentation. Disney movies make me nervous because they often have a degree of violence that we're not comfortable letting the kids see. There is one mean car in here that tries to make other cars crash, but that's as bad as it gets. This is definitely a movie I can't wait to see with my kids.


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