Friday, February 17, 2006

Underworld: Evolution

Every once in a while I can talk my wife into seeing a vampire movie with me. I'm not sure why I like them - they're usually stylized productions with often very clear delineations between good and evil. My favorite movies tend to play with these conventions and blur that line. Underworld and its sequel that we saw today, Underworld: Evolution, do just that. As with most of these, it was gorier than she usually prefers. I enjoyed this one more than its precursor because it seemed more original in its style, whereas the first movie was derivative of several other movies I had seen. If you like action-packed horror movies, this one is a must see. This one is definitely not for the kids.

[This entry on my other blog prompted my to start this blog - just didn't seem appropriate for the "Here's what's happening with the kids" blog. -Jason]


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