Friday, June 02, 2006

Creating My Own Nightmares

I'm not sure if this is a great way to guarantee myself some sleepless nights or what, but I will have the opportunity over the next 2 weeks to watch several movies that I wouldn't be able to get my wife to watch because they are too violent. Tonight was Hostel, directed by Eli Roth, and this is one sick movie. It tells a fairly complete story as you watch these 2 American backpackers descend into a hellish world in Eastern Europe. It had some really good moments in it (a Slovakian street gang made up of 10 year old boys taking out a couple of thugs in exchange for a bag of candy) and a LOT of really gruesome moments in it. The gore wasn't just gratuitous as there were a few underlying themes that the film carried forward. One thing I learned was that if a foreign girl tries to lure you to an "art show" in an abandoned factory after 2 of your friends have disappeared, just say no.


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