Friday, June 09, 2006

Taratino's Best, Volume 2

It came a couple of days leter than I guessed, but I did get to see Kill Bill, Volume 2. Though I would have preferred to see them back to back as one complete movie, this really was a different movie, with a different tone and style. There were still some intense action sequences, but not with nearly the scope of the first film. Instead, this film dealt more with the motivations of some of the key players, including Uma Thurman's Bride, the titular Bill (David Carradine) and his two closest henchman, his brother Bud (Michael Masden) and his new girlfriend Elle (Darryl Hannah). The final battle that we knew was coming was made almost civil by the presence of a four year old daughter that she thought she had lost. After a bedtime kung-fu movie (what else), she was tucked away and some raw honesty began. The actual fight was poignant, but a little anti-climactic. Overall, I still liked the movie, both movies actually and I may get these to own.


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